About Us

I was a rocket engineer, a tennis player, ran my own company and now I am an artist.

For 10 years I was a “road warrior” and did consulting work all over the United States and Canada. Based upon this experience and my love of good food and good company I came up with the concept of  “Come Join Us”

Now I want to help people to  follow their special passion and to share the experience with interesting people where ever they travel.

I met a wonderful woman and we are now married. She has traveled all over the world and now we do that together.

Our recent trips have included  Italy, France, Greece, Sedona, and Santa Fe.Where ever I had traveled in the past I always took my tennis racquet. That was my passion. I now take my water colors, brushes, and papers and I now have contacts with other artists all over the world. Painting is my current passion

We want to allow others to experience what it is like to travel and meet people who share your passion be it art, or music or dancing or rock collecting.

I am doing this with an eye to allow you to benefit from travel providers who want your business and therefore we will get reduced rates in many cases.

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