Help Us Out to QA and Critique this site

I am asking for a little help. I have set up a new website devoted to those who have a passion and wish when they travel to communicate with those who share their passion.

Also the website will provide for those offering services like classes, tours, etc. a place to be seen by our special interest driven members.

How can you help me and obviously yourself? Good question. I need to get people who are either artists, art oriented, art tour guides or those who teach art classes to sign up at

We ask only for an email address, your sign on name, your city, state/province, country, what roles or roles you wish to play. If you are a provider you can note that after you sign in. There is no charge of course.

We will provide the ability to have links to your website, but you are not required to provide that.

Members, who become active will have the opportunity for reduced travel costs and the chance to make some money by helping to arrange for group travel.

So please help me out and sign up now. If you have any difficulties let me know immediately. If you have suggestions, please send them to me.

Thank you


Sandy (Sanford) Schram

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